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did it before, but it got deleted..

sumavabish. i had to redo this entry because the computer froze. lemme try this again.
ok, i sent my concepts on Lysentia to some people, which i was nervous about doing even though they were all very close friends of mine. they all loved it and most have already created characters to roleplay in it with (with the exception of brett, who, if under different circumstances, would be playing it too). Lysentia is alot like Rhydin (if any of y'all ever heard of it)... well.. not alot.. but in certain ways. the only difference is that Ly will be on a webpage, there'll be character pictures, stat pages, levels and pets and all that ricketa racketa... -snicker- actually it'll be alot more like Dragon Court.
if anybody else wants to read my concepts on Lysentia jus lemme know(e-mail or comment). i want some honest feedback and if anything needs to be changed, i will change it. now be warned, i wrote this as it came to me, so its not polished and jazzed up or anything. but something is better then nothing.
im currently working on a leveling up system (instead of wretched dice), armor, weapons, items.. stats and names.. X_x. i also changed some of the character classes so they'll be more diversified... x_X
and im doing it alone since Chen bailed on me. dumb bastard. not that it really matters because i don't need someone to do my work for me. i can handle it...up until the point when i get the webpage... ugh.
i've created two clans that will be heavily intertwined in the storyline, Merrilin and Saint-Amour. though i think i will be overly picky on who gets to be a Merrilin. sorry, its just history.
im trying not to work too much on it until i get a job, then i will give it the attention it deserves. ok, need to stop talking about it or ill go onnn and onnn.

talked to bretters the other day. turns out he cant get stationed in PA, that he might go overseas. to like, japan, or germany. he wants me to go with him, so i would have to marry him. yowza. i'd have to be the freakin asian mcnugget. freaky.

what happens when me and buns get bored.

LittleConqueror3: I'm Lu Xun. *smiles*
LovingJasonB: -holds out her hand- my name is Misty. nice to meet you
LittleConqueror3: *takes her hand, kissing it*
LovingJasonB: -blushes and pulls her hand away- what did you do that for?
LittleConqueror3: Cause. Um...I'm real smart. And you're real pretty.......I have two swords too.
LovingJasonB: -looks down at his swords and pouts- I want two.
LittleConqueror3: I can get you another one.
LittleConqueror3: You have to love me though.
LittleConqueror3: Three Kingdom rule
LovingJasonB: I don't think I can have another one. I have this stupid shield. -holds up her other arm- But... I do think I am in love with you... -little stars in her eyes-
LittleConqueror3: I love you too.
LovingJasonB: Let's make babies.
LittleConqueror3: Back that ass up then, M'lady
LovingJasonB: (LMFAO!)
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