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gahh.. i missed the final American Idol, but thankfully my brother recorded it for me so I will be able to see it tomorrow. Yay!! I hope Clay won! I love him to death.

i got my hair done today and am still trying to get used to the difference. its cut to right below my shoulders as opposed to the middle of my back -gasp-,its a bit lighter than what i had before, which makes it almost dirty blondeish -gasp-, coupled with highlights -gasp-. goddamn, right?

the forum (im in 3 and refuse to say which im talking about, bwehe) is starting to suck for me now. it was fun in the beginning, but certain people really irk me in their mannerisms. i wish i could just bitchslap them all and be done with it.

uh, 'rents leaving this weekend. party over nyah. come. we have beet.... hehe. beer. O.o;
i think it was entirely too late to be posting. nyah.
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noooo... he lost... the horrah.. the horrah.. )(&#)!@&#)@*&#(@*&$(@*#&)@*#&)@*$&*(@#&@)#&@#* damnit.