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dooo dooo do-do

bleh. the parents leave for two weeks.
you would think its time for joyous celebration!!!!
but its not.
why?!?! because im sick.
very sick.
i can't keep ANYTHING down.
i swear im dying.
brett hasnt called in a couple days.
maybe its cuz im online during the time he calls??
eh.. heh.. that could be it.
well whatever, anyway. im dying. if anyone could contribute to my charity, i would be happy. just hand me your credit cards.

i love this song to death... the new Pink song... its corny as hell, sounds corny, the video is the dumbest thing ever, but it just has.. a bouncy beat to it. it cheers me up.

i think it was hilarious when i talked to jeff the day before, he was plastered off of his ass and couldn't stop saying "i love you". so. i counted it. and since i know he reads my journal, look at how many times you said this you drunken little bastard--> 35!!!!!!!!!

i feel so bad for my dad. he had his baseball game and hurt his leg. AGAIN. so he probably wont be playing anymore, which is sad, because he loves that game. and he probably wont be able to run much anymore either.
#&@(#& pooey
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