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jay doesnt want kitty to have a hubby, but lu xun has two wives. i wonder how that works out. whatever.

anyways. ive been playing a really fun mmorpg. surprising, since i tend not to like ANY out there, and the ones i do like, my comp cant handle. yeah so ive been playing Tibia all night. its addictive. and altho i hate the fact that players can push each other(which means im gettin knocked around like constantly), the majority of people on there are really nice. like the minute i showed up, this guy named Jowy showed me the ropes and gave me all this money and food to heal my char. hehe. im having fun.

i heard something interesting yesterday. and i never really thought about it, but alot of people bring it up to me.

Bobby: You never smile. Why do you always have to look so sad?

i never knew that i looked that truly pathetic.
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